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Old Cottages, Achill
Old Cottages, Achill Acryic on canvas 81cm.x 63cm Framed €850
Clare Island from Curraun
Clare Island from Curraun Acylic on canvas 63cm.x 58cm €750 Framed
Bogs at Sliabh Mór
Bogs at Sliabh Mór Acrylic on canvas 65cm.x 56cm. €750 Framed
Setting the Sails
Setting the Sails Acylic on board 75cm.x 65cm. €950 Framed
Yawls Off Currane
Yawls Off Currane Pastel 89cm.x 69cm. €890 Framed
Croagh Patrick from Mulranny
Croagh Patrick from Mulranny Acylic on canvas 59cm.x 49cm. €600 Framed
Saving the Hay
Saving the Hay Acrylic on canvas 89cm.x 89cm. €1,990 Framed
Old Cottages, Dugort
Old Cottages, Dugort Acylic on canvas 102cm.x 102cm. €1.800 Framed
Yawls off Mulranny
Yawls off Mulranny Acrylic on canvas 75cm.x 59cm. €895 Framed
Bogs at Dooagh
Bogs at Dooagh Acrylic 91cm.x 76cm. €1,600 Framed
The Old Shed, Purteen Harbour, Achill
The Old Shed, Purteen Harbour, Achill Acrylic 131cm.x 72cm. €1,200 Framed
The Bog Road, Dooega, Achill.
The Bog Road, Dooega, Achill. Acylic on canvas 88cm.x 72cm. €1,150 Framed